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17th June 2024 

More information about psychotherapy & Gestalt Therapy approach

'We believe the Gestalt outlook is the original,
undistorted, natural approach to life; that is, to man’s thinking, feeling, acting'

Fritz Perls, Ralph F. Hefferline, Paul Goodman (1951)
Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality

'If fashion has passed Gestalt therapy by, it is no less important for that.
Its rich and perspicacious vantage point unite elements of life which are - in other psychologies - opposed or slighted. It is rooted in our biological nature, in our nervous system, and at the same time recognizes that we are social creatures. It encompasses mind and body, psyche and everyday worlds, feeling, thought, spirit, action, relationship. It gives the best accounting by far of our creative abilities, and in good hands is a remarkably effective way of helping us to live fully.'

Joel Latner, The Gestalt Therapy Book (1973, p.iv)

Links to information about gestalt therapy:

Here are some links on Gestalt therapy. There are two interesting interviews, one with Malcolm Parlett - the founder of British Gestalt Journal and author of Future Sense, and another with Peter Philippson, the founder member of Manchester Gestalt Centre and author of Gestalt Therapy: Roots and Branches - these two eminent British psychotherapists give a clear and very personal account of gestalt therapy. The more formal article on Gestalt is by Gary Yontef, an American therapist trained with Fritz Perls - the finder of Gestalt approach to psychotherapy. When, in the late 40's and early 50's, Perls worked on forming the theoretical basis of Gestalt Therapy, he collaborated closely with his wife, psychoanalyst Laura Perls and Paul Goodman - novelist, playwright, poet, and "community anarchist" - as he used to call himself. Having as many as three creators gestalt therapy stands in sharp contrast to other psychotherapies. The book, they co-authored together with behavioural psychologist Ralph Hefferline in 1951, Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality, which defined the theoretical basis of this approach to psychotherapy has remained the main basis for the gestalt therapy practice ever since. From the many videos about Gestalt, probably the most interesting is the short introduction to Gestalt Therapy theory by Bob Resnick of GATLA. I also highly recommend the talk on counselling and psychotherapy by Gaie Houston, as well as her article, in which she reminiscences on the development of Gestalt Therapy in UK. There is also very an informative interview with Bob & Rita Resnick - leaders in the field of contemporary Gestalt couples therapy. Another link is to recently re-published online book Ordinary Truth by Ursula Fausset - the grandmother of British Gestalt and the founder of The Gestalt Centre - the only training institution in London dedicated solely to teaching gestalt therapy. For any further information email me at:

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